Weekly announcements - 23/04/2021

Hey @everyone!

Alex here with our first rounds of announcements after the transition!

We're opening applications for new mods.

Mostly looking for folks in GMT +7 to GMT +14 and/or available on Sundays, but we'd love to hear from anyone interested in helping out with this community. Apply here: https://toolsforthought.typeform.com/to/cpmKhBk8

Our rules got an upgrade.

Rule 1 was completely revamped to better reflect how this community operates. Check it out in #📍-rules.

We've got exciting things planned for the future.

So we wrote them all down in our new roadmap. We're open to hearing your feedback and ideas about this community - please send them over in #server-suggestions or via @ModMail

Our website got a refresh

Thanks to the amazing Ben our website got a nice refresh - we've re-built it on a different platform which will allow us to build great things on there in the future. https://www.forthought.tools/

That's all for now. Thanks y'all for being here!

Wishing you all a great, relaxing weekend