What happened to Notion Community?

After gathering feedback, we've decided it's time to go beyond just Notion and create a unified community of Tools for Thought enthusiasts, where everyone, no matter the tool of their choice, could get together. You can read more about this in our Transition Announcement in #announcements .

Is this server affiliated with any of the companies making the tools?

No, we're 100% independent, not bound or controlled by any single tool. We have no preference towards any of the tools. The channels in the left sidebar are sorted based on popularity among our users.

How can I get help?

There are plenty of users who can help you. If your questions is related to a particular tool, find that tool's help channel (for example, #notion-help for Notion, #clickup-help for ClickUp). If it's a general question, then pop into #general-help. If you need help with finding a tool, check out #help-me-choose-a-tool. If you need help with a tool that doesn't have it's own help channel, see #other-apps-help. Keep in mind there are no official support representatives here. As with any community-run help forum, you are not guaranteed to receive help, or for the help to as coherent as you'd like.

Can I promote my stuff?

In general, no. You're only allowed to self-promote in #self-promotion, but you're limited to one message per week. Keep in mind that what you're promoting needs to be related to the concept of Tools for Thought in some way.

This also applies to Discord bios, but you're allowed to share your personal website as your bio.

How do I message the mods?

Contact us via the @ModMail bot, which you can find easily in the right sidebar. Please do not message us individually, as it makes our work harder to coordinate and collaborate on.


What is this all about?

We'd like to open up our server to anyone interested in hosting an event. They can vary from something as simple as a casual audio chat to a full-fledged virtual meetup with speakers, talks and the like. Discord gives us quite powerful options to do this.

So, can I just share-screen my Notion build, for example?

In general, yes. If you apply using the form linked above, and we give you a green light, then yes. There's one main thing we look for in events: a concrete idea. We don't want another Clubhouse 🙏 Give your event topic some thought, making sure you know what you want to say and what experience your attendees should go through. Please describe this in as much detail as possible in the form.

Will my event be moderated?

For now, we're requiring all types of events, big and small, to have at least one member of our mod team to be present. All events must be suitable for audiences of all ages. We won't interfere in your event in any way, unless you violate any of the server rules or start engaging in activity we deem as inappropriate. In that case, the member of the mod team who will be present at your event has the right to end the event immediately.

This is why we require you to schedule your event at least a week in advance so that we can fit it around our schedules.

Do I need to have previous hosting experience?

For smaller and more casual events, no. For big events that will be shared on social media/include guests, we'd like to make sure you can handle everything. Please list in the form any experience you may have, including running events while you were at school, webinars you may have organized, etc.

I have an idea for an event, or a guest I could invite, but I need help

Please message us via @ModMail or shoot us an email - we're happy to help 😊


Be nice

Seriously, do it. It feels good and people will like you for it. Read your message in full before sending.

No spam

Spamming is defined as:

  • Sending the same message in multiple channels
  • Sending the same message in the same channel multiple times
  • Sending out multiple messages that could be condensed into one (click shift+enter for a new paragraph)
  • Sending out-of-context emojis, GIFs, emoticons, etc.
  • Sending unsolicited (unwanted) direct messages to server members

No NSFW, political, sensitive, offensive topics

Tools For Thought is a community for modern tools, knowledge-work and the like. We do not want to become a place for topics mentioned above. There are many other great communities focused on talking about sensitive topics. If there's a topic that in your opinion directly applies to the concept of TFT and you think we should open up discussion about it, let us know, and we'll decide this on a case-by-case basis.

No self-promotion

Self-promotion of paid, pay-what-you-want and free products is strictly prohibited in all channels excluding #self-promotion, where you can only send one message every 6 hours, and spamming there will result in a mute/ban. We want to keep this place tidy and honest. Sharing your personal website that doesn't sell products, promote your personal brand or focus on gaining followers is okay.

No referral links

You're not allowed to post referral links (i.e. links that give you a kickback on a purchase, give you extra credits etc.) to any app, service or product.


With a heavy heart we've decided to shut down other language channels. Even though our mod team is international, we're unable to constantly monitor and moderate messages that are written in languages we do not speak.

No Discord invite links

Due to the SFW nature of this server, we're unable to check and review invite links to other servers. Thus, sharing these in any of the channels and via unsolicited direct messages is prohibited. Servers that officially partner or cross-promote with us are exempt to this rule.

Contact with the mods

Please use the bot @ModMail (which you can find in the right sidebar easily) to contact us. We won't reply to in-channel pings or direct messages.

Overall Discord etiquette

  • Use correct spelling, grammar and interpunction.
  • It's always better to send one longer message than clutter up a channel with 10 separate messages (it takes up more space visually making our server harder to participate in).
  • When replying to a particular message, use the reply feature.
  • Don't ask to ask, just ask, but ask clearly. Instead of typing Whyyy is my obsidian not working?? Try re-phrasing your message as My Obsidian is not working, I can't access my graph. I tried the troubleshooting steps from the official FAQ. Could someone help me? This increases the chance of your question being answered by a lot.
  • Use line breaks, italics, bold & quote for better readability.
  • New to Discord? Check out this guide.


There are a few extra rules that apply to voice & video events. Read them in #events-faq.

Mods reserve their right to modify, append or remove any of these rules at any time. Mods also have the right to overrule these on a case-by-case basis.